17-19 FEBRUARY, 2024  HALL #1 - Yashobhoomi (India International Convention & Expo Centre), Sector 25, Dwarka, New Delhi

RSD Expositions has more than 30 Years of experience in organizing trade shows for the optical sector in India. It has been organizing the In-Optics exhibition since 1996at regular intervals in all the major metro cities of India. The show first debuted in 1978 under the banner INDOPTICA and was launched by the late Mr. S.L. Kumar, founding editor of The Indian Optician (TIO), a bi-monthly publication dedicated to ophthalmic optics. Now organized by RSD Expositions, a partner company of TIO, In-Optics is South Asia's premier International Trade Fair and Exhibition on Ophthalmic Optics and continues to support innovation, growth and collaboration for the global eye care industry.As a leading trade promotion and trade show organization in India, we have successfully pioneered and established the ophthalmic optics exhibition in the country. In fact, we can say with pride that we have been a catalyst in the growth journey of India's optical trade and industry. Built on a legacy of service, education and a committment to India's future, In-Optics has been and will continue to be the heart of opportunity for the Indian and global eye care industries. Today, In-Optics is one of the most highly anticipated and best-attended shows in the world, and has been ranked sixth among other prestigious exhibitions including MIDO, SILMO, CIOF, SIOF etc. As South Asia's premier ophthalmic optics trade show, In-Optics is an entrée to India's booming eye care market and an ideal venue for collaboration, partnerships and learning.

The exhibition is organized by RSD Expositions in association with The Indian Optician. Now in its 46th year of publication, TIO is an internationally acclaimed magazine with a global readership; and features articles by leading ophthalmologists and optometrists, and product debuts from the best brands in fashion eyewear, lenses and allied equipment. The combined energy of RSD Expositions, The Indian Optician and In-Optics have created a flourishing industry and put India at the centre of the global eye care market. 

RSD Expositions' worldwide popularity is due entirely to the vision and organizational genius of the Late S.L. Kumar. His remarkable contribution to the cause of ocular health continues to inspire the respect and reverence of India's eye care professionals; they and India's eye care industry owe their success to Mr. Kumar's tireless efforts and single-minded commitment to ocular health for all. Today his vision is carried forward by his son, Harish Kumar, who with the same energy and  dedication works for the continued improvement of India's eye care industry and accessible high-quality eye care. Like his father, Mr. Harish Kumar is well known and highly respected throughout the eye care fraternity and indeed a champion of the industry.